Faster insights. Fewer ETLs. Lower cloud costs.
Cut runaway cloud costs for ad-hoc analysis by moving to the edge
SQL and predictive analytics instantly on private data silos

Arrest runaway costs on Databricks and Snowflake is making data analysis easy for everyone by removing the need for complex infrastructure setup and engineering team dependency while increasing the security controls.
Our product works across siloed data systems using our highly portable container technology based on WebAssembly.

Desktops & Laptops
Run analytics and ML workloads on private data. Familiar workflows using SQL, Excel, and drag-and-drop.
Cloud & On-Prem
Run repeatable workloads closer to where the data is - without the need for complicated infrastructure.
Serverless & Edge
Run analytics and ML workloads on devices, serverless, cloud functions, and pretty much anywhere! It is fast and lightweight.