Partnership with Laguna Games
Mar 1, 2022

Hammer Of The Gods (HOT-G) is partnering with Laguna Games to bring AI to NFTs and blockchain gaming. With this partnership users of Laguna Games can bring their Unicorn NFTs to life!

NFTs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club or CryptoPunks are static images (JPEGs) leaving a lot to be desired on their utility. When Laguna Games launched their Unicorn NFTs, the vision was always to make them more interactive and provide additional value to the holder. By leveraging HOT-G’s edge AI technology, Laguna Games will expand the functionality of their static NFTs allowing players to interact with Unicorns in real-time. Each corn has a unique personality which comes to life once players unlock. At launch, unicorns will respond to basic interactions including some real world signals on their devices and will expand over time.

HOT-G’s Hammer Forge technology helps build machine learning pipelines that can run on edge devices, targeting all devices that our games will be running on. HOT-G’s portable container technology for Edge AI called Rune is built on Rust and Webassembly, and provides the memory safety needed to provide safe portability. Using custom built Runes, we will be adding AI to NFTs, which can use external signals such as voice commands, accelerometer data, vision data and others to add animations to Laguna Games’s epic Unicorn NFTs.


HOT-G’s DeepNFT web3 SDKs with open source edge container technology Rune will allow us to keep the key aspects of the AI decentralized.

Laguna Games will become one of the first NFT projects to give players a way to interact directly with the assets they own as well as a more engaging way to share and show off their collection.

With this collaboration HOT-G will be launching its gaming vertical enabling game developers to bring AI to their games using Runes and Hammer Forge. Traditionally AI in gaming requires significant investment and adds additional latency due to cloud computing. HOT-G’s Rune technology allows to run complex machine learning pipelines on edge devices allowing for very low latency AI suited for interactivity and gaming.

About Hammer of the Gods (HOT-G)

Based out of Palo Alto, CA, HOT-G, is building the distributed infrastructure and developer experience tools for secure edge AI. Hammer Forge is the no-code deployment and orchestration platform for deploying AI to edge devices. For enquiries please contact Akshay Sharma, CEO at

About Laguna Games

Laguna Games is a world class game development and R&D studio, specializing in blockchain technology. Our titles are living worlds designed for real-time, large scale, and highly social competition.