Edge Computing in the real world
Monitoring, security, orchestration, and observability for distributed edge computing
ML Engineering
Turbo charge your Edge ML workflows
Agile - avoid ML waterfalls
Dramatically cut down on model development cycles by immediately live testing them on Hammer Forge
Don’t just ship models, ship the fully functioning product with our ZERO code Studio
REPL for your models
From Jupyter to on device in minutes. Iterate to improve significantly faster
Easy rollouts of on-device deployments with enterprise grade security
Audit logs
Provenance and auditability of governance
IP protection
Cryptographic ways to prevent model and IP theft
Control your edge device computation securely
Edge computing intersects blockchain
Make your NFT smarter with edge AI
Decentralize with edge
Launch Decentralized NFT markets
Chain agnostic edge AI agents in metaverse
Smart Cities
IoT and smart devices for making cities more computable
Urban Intelligence
Collect and predict real time city data
Public health measures
Better measure of social determinants of health - privately
Smart energy
Control energy grids and normalize peak usage
Build, deploy, and manage predictive models in constrained environments
Anomaly Detection
Continuous monitoring for critical on-ship equipments using AI and ML on-ship
Connected Experiences
Bring low latency connected experiences to users under bandwidth restrictions
Predictive maintenance
Predict failures in advance, to reduce risk of being out of commission
Climate Tech
Bring monitoring and reliability to climate tech
Sensors deployment
For measuring key resources in a trustable manner
Smart grids
Observe and make decisions for energy usage on grid
Verifiable carbon credits
Capture carbon offset credits with edge computing
How it Works
You can use our open source command line tool Rune for building and shipping on-device apps. We have made it far simpler with Hammer Forge. Now anyone can build an on-device apps with an intuitive drag and drop interface.
Create an Account
Signup for a free account to get started.
Build your on-device app
Hammer Forge Studio is a simple drag and drop interface. Deploy your on-device app within minutes using our pre-built templates.
Monitor and observe
Once you deploy your app on device, you can get instant telemetry and monitoring data.
Portable Containers
We are building portable containers called Rune for Edge workloads using Rust and WebAssembly. Rune is open source, actively maintained, and a community that is evolving. Join the community to address the fragmentation problem of devices and frameworks.